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The Importance of Community As We Age

Building Mental Well-being through Socialization and Community. These days, it’s difficult to talk about the importance of socialization and community as we age without discussing the elephant in the room—the social pause we’re all experiencing due to COVID-19. Distancing and self-isolation, along with mask mandates, hand-washing, and disinfecting are helping to keep everyone well. However,…
October 30, 2020
Senior Living

5 Heart-Healthy Practices For Seniors

Cardiology experts claim it’s very likely actress Debbie Reynolds died of Broken Heart Syndrome just one day after the passing of her daughter Carrie Fisher. Mayo Clinic explains that the potential cause of broken heart syndrome, a temporary heart attack-like condition brought on by stressful situations and extreme emotions, is a surge of stress hormones,…
July 29, 2020
Senior Living

Navigating COVID-19

Navigating COVID-19 Together, Yet Apart—Erik’s Story. “There’s an overall positive feeling at The Carrington. The people are great—the staff, the receptionist, sales, the maintenance people, the guy who picks up the garbage, the person who drives the van—top to bottom. They are always engaging. Always asking how my parents are doing.” Erik Mother & father…
May 30, 2020

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