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By November 21, 2019 June 28th, 2022 News, Senior Living
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One day, you find your wallet in the freezer. Or you’ve misplaced your car keys. Maybe you can’t remember the name of your long-time, next-door neighbor. You chalk it up to “a senior moment,” or temporary “brain drain.” Then, you stop and think—could this be memory loss?

To avoid seeming trite, most people would confess to having fleeting concerns about personal memory or cognitive function from time-to-time. When it’s real, it’s certainly nothing for any of us to dismiss. In fact, studies by the Milken Institute revealed that the number of people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias in the U.S. will nearly double over the next 20 years.*

Know the signs of cognitive challenges
What are some of the true warning signs of cognitive decline? The Alzheimer’s Association has identified 10 early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia (physical changes in the brain severe enough to interfere with daily life). These are the 10 they identify:

  1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life—forgetting learned information, important dates or events, asking the same questions repeatedly.
  2. Challenges in planning or solving problems—loss of ability to develop and follow a plan, a challenge when working with numbers, trouble concentrating.
  3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks—driving, organizing a grocery list.
  4. Confusion with time or place—forgetting where you are and how you got there.
  5. Trouble understanding visual images and special relationships—vision problems, difficulty with balance or trouble reading.
  6. Problems with words in speaking or writing—trouble following or joining a conversation, repeating yourself, vocabulary problems.
  7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps—accusing others of stealing.
  8. Decreased or poor judgment—commonly, loss of decision-making ability in dealing with money or personal grooming.
  9. Withdrawal from work or social activities—trouble keeping up with a favorite activity, feeling disinterested in family or social obligations.
  10. Changes in mood and personality—becoming confused, suspicious, depressed, fearful, or anxious.

These are the signs—what and when do you do something about it if memory concerns impact you or a loved one? The Carrington at Lincolnwood stands ready with a wealth of resources to assist families throughout this challenging process and encourages active family participation in decision-making, not only for memory care services but all levels of care.

Personalized care, professional expertise, warm neighborhood surroundings
Let’s say the signs above indicate it’s time to consider potential memory support services in a full-time residential environment for yourself or a loved one. What specifically should you start looking for in a memory care environment? Alzheimer’s and dementia care specialists whole-heartedly agree on the following approach.

First and foremost, you’ll want professional and specialized care within a structured and secure setting. Specifically, this means the presence of three critical elements—all of which you will find at The Carrington as part of their Personal Care, Personal Productivity, Personal Leisure philosophy:

  • A highly trained staff that provides 24-hour supervision and innovative support, developed specifically for the needs of the individual memory-impaired residents.
  • A care philosophy and individualized plan that promotes a responsive continuity of person-centered care that changes over time to fit the evolving needs and lifestyle of each resident.
  • A living environment with services and amenities that promote choice, connection, as much independence as possible and a celebration of accomplishments through reinforcement of the familiar—in other words, a focus on what the resident CAN do, as opposed to what they can’t do because of cognitive disability.

The difference you’ve been looking for
Whether it’s memory care for your mother, father, grandparent or another loved one, you can count on The Carrington at Lincolnwood to support an uncompromising quality of life—at every stage of memory care.

Allow us to introduce you to a new standard in memory care services. Call us today at (847) 744-9469 or submit a contact form to schedule a personal tour.

*Reducing the Cost and Risk of Dementia,” Executive Summary by Super, Ahuja and Prof, 2019 Milken Institute.

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