Ageless Unity: How Diversity Elevates Senior Living Experiences

By May 31, 2024 June 3rd, 2024 News, Senior Living
seniors playing yut

Residents at The Carrington at Lincolnwood are embarking on global adventures and immersing themselves in the rich culture, delectable cuisines and breathtaking beauty of different countries–without packing a bag or hopping on a plane.

Here, we celebrate the diversity within our resident community and involve them in shaping programs and experiences tailored to their interests and needs. With our Passport to the World program, each month is a chance for residents to discover, connect and explore other cultures right here in our senior living community.

In February, we took a journey to the Land of the Morning Calm, partnering with Korean residents to showcase the vibrant culture, cuisine and beauty of their native land. Our activities centered around Seollal, the Korean Lunar New Year celebration.

“Empowering residents to contribute their unique perspectives through resident-created and resident-led programming fosters a community where everyone feels valued and included,” said Julianne Arvizu, life enrichment director. “We had parties in each of our neighborhoods–independent living, assisted living and memory care–and chose fun and informative activities to teach residents about the culture and upbringing of their friends and neighbors.”

Residents and staff sipped Nokcha (green tea)  while their Korean friends shared personal treasures from their homeland, including photos, traditional clothing, pottery and dolls steeped in history and cultural significance.

In the afternoon, Korean residents and their family members turned up the fun by guiding others in playing Yutnori, or Yut, a traditional board game handed down through the ages. Additionally, special guests for the “Everyone Has a Story” activity were Korean residents who treated community members to captivating presentations to enrich our understanding of their heritage.

“People enjoyed learning about their friends,” Arvizu said. “It also brought out traditionally quiet, more reserved residents as they were excited to tell us about their culture and show us their beautiful traditional gowns.”

Of course, exploring other cultures and traditions wouldn’t be complete without savoring their cuisine. Residents shared their favorite recipes and culinary inspirations with Director of Food & Beverage Dorge Jean-Baptiste. He and his skilled dining team whipped up a delicious Korean menu ranging from savory Bulgogi and hearty Bibimbap to tangy Kimchi and flavorful Kimbap.

Strength in Diversity: Inclusion Matters at The Carrington

Diversity and inclusion are paramount at The Carrington, where we create environments that honor our residents’ unique backgrounds, experiences and identities. Through our Passport to the World program, we’ve traveled to Korea, Ireland, Australia and Mexico and will continue globetrotting throughout the year.

Embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment creates a vibrant and thriving space where everyone feels valued and respected. Rich cultural diversity also enriches the lives of older adults and elevates their overall well-being in several ways:

  1. Exposure to different cultures, traditions, languages and perspectives provides mental stimulation, which can help boost cognitive function and prevent cognitive decline.
  2. Interacting with older adults from diverse backgrounds fosters social connections and promotes emotional well-being and a sense of belonging, reducing feelings of isolation or loneliness.
  3. Learning about new cultures and traditions encourages lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity, leading to personal growth and fulfillment.
  4. Exposure to diverse cultures promotes empathy, understanding and tolerance toward others. It helps seniors develop a broader perspective of the world and enhances their ability to navigate intercultural interactions with respect and empathy.
  5. Engaging with cultural diversity can provide older adults with a sense of purpose and relevance, offering opportunities to share their own cultural knowledge and experiences while learning from others.

Honoring and exploring other cultures is just one of the ways The Carrington at Lincolnwood offers residents rewarding experiences. Fill out our contact form to schedule a time to visit, meet our residents, and get a taste of the retirement lifestyle and programming we offer. We’d love to host you! Contact us today.

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