A Season Of Giving: The Carrington CARES

By December 29, 2020 Senior Living
photo of volunteers from The Carrington at Lincolnwood giving back during the holidays

The residents and staff of The Carrington at Lincolnwood have shown a remarkable outpouring of concern and sensitivity for others during this pandemic era. Both fellow neighbors within The Carrington community and friends in surrounding Lincolnwood have been recipients of incredible thoughtfulness and consideration helping to relieve the anxiety and uneasiness of the times. Here, we’d like to highlight A Season of Giving at The Carrington through the incredible stories of residents and associates who’ve made life easier and more meaningful for others—just because THEY CARE!

A True Sense Of Guardianship.
Independent living residents at The Carrington possess an uncanny sense of guardianship when it comes to their neighbors and friends—under the same roof but within the watchful eye of the professional staff—in The Carrington’s Memory Care community. Recently, residents from Independent Living came together to create unique fidget mats for Memory Care residents. The mats are a joyful, interactive way to personally engage those with cognitive difficulties in activities involving the mind, hands, and eyes. The mix of textures and materials on the mats keep restless fingers busy, and elements like zippers and buttons help exercise hand muscles.

Thank you to all who lovingly designed and made the mats by hand. This fidget mat video will show you the results of a creative—and safe—community activity. Can’t you just see the LOVE in the finished products?

Residents Help Tackle Food Insecurity.
Participating in the act of giving and reaping the personal rewards it can bring sometimes takes a little planning and a lot of ingenuity to pull off—especially during a nationwide health crisis when safety means everything. This did not deter resident Trudy, who jumped right in to find out how The Carrington residents could help neighbors in Lincolnwood. Trudy organized a food drive in support of The Niles Township Food Pantry Foundation.

Since March, the Foundation, its network of distribution centers, and an army of volunteers have led the charge to combat hunger and food insecurity in the Lincolnwood area. The Carrington residents sprang to action and joined the food pantry’s ranks during this crucial time. Dozens of residents donated not only food but also personal care items that included 40 KN95 masks for the food pantry staff. Resident volunteers filled the entire bed of a pickup truck and delivered it to the appreciative staff.

Thank you to Trudy and all of the residents and staff who participated in giving back to our community—supporting The Season of Giving at The Carrington.

Give & Receive.
Just as the residents and staff of The Carrington take pride in the surrounding community, residents of the Lincolnwood area, in turn, are especially supportive of The Carrington and sensitive to the impact COVID-19 has had on daily living in our senior living environment.

A student outreach group from Saint Ignatius College Prep high school wanted to make sure the spirit of The Carrington was recognized during this season of giving and celebration. The group created holiday gift bags, stuffed with a mask, hand sanitizer, a tissue packet, Hershey Hugs and Kisses, and hand-written holiday greetings that also explained their program. They then visited The Carrington to distribute approximately 100 gift bags to residents. Everyone maintained a safe distance outside, where behind colorful masks, the students’ twinkling eyes and excited voices added a heartwarming element to this thoughtful holiday giving event. Thank you, neighbors!

Keeping The GIVING Going.
The giving continues during these waning days of 2020. The online HappyGram message program to residents keeps the lines of holiday digital communication active, and residents are busy creating holiday cards to share with neighbors, family, and friends. You see, this wonderful group of friends and neighbors at The Carrington has adopted what they call an Attitude of Gratitude that strengthens their optimism for brighter days ahead in 2021. You can read all about this special initiative in our recent blog. And you can join us by feeding your optimism with gratitude as we all approach a new year.

Our best wishes to you and your family for a festive, caring Season of Giving just like the one we’re enjoying at The Carrington. Visit us soon by contacting us online or calling (847) 744-9469 to arrange a private in-person or virtual tour. Follow us on Facebook for even more seasonal, festive stories.

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