Bridge Program

Beautiful, welcoming atmosphere

Bridge Memory Care is a dedicated neighborhood of Assisted Living residences at The Carrington.

  • All-private rooms, creating a comfortable, safe home that can be personalized with resident’s favorite things
  • Includes all of the standard Assisted Living services and amenities plus innovative memory loss support program
  • Pet friendly

Structured routine and caring support

The Bridge neighborhood offers a structured daily program that begins with relaxation and meditation. Residents participate in a full range of therapeutic and engaging activities, including the research-proven benefits of social engagement for brain health.

  • Physical Exercise – Enhances strength, balance, flexibility and endurance
  • Stress Reduction – Includes methods such as guided meditation, yoga and Tai Chi, as well as daily journaling to help residents reflect on feelings, accomplishments and daily events
  • Cognitive Exercise – Memory support programs to strengthen and maintain cognitive abilities
  • Purposeful Social Activities – Includes home and life skills that promote independence, plus occupation-based activities to reinforce residents’ identities and create a sense of purpose
  • Support Groups – Encourages residents to find comfort through shared experiences with memory loss

Brain-Healthy Diet

Residents enjoy meals in a beautiful neighborhood dining room featuring foods high in antioxidants, rich in vitamin E, and low in saturated fats and sodium—all known to promote brain health.

Individualized Care Plan

Our specialized care team conducts an initial evaluation and provides an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) to personalize each resident’s care needs. Monthly reassessments check for stabilization or improvements. (Updated quarterly results provided to family).

The Bridge Memory Care is available to current residents of The Carrington at Lincolnwood, as well as to residents from the surrounding area.

To view our Bridge activities calendar click HERE.